Solar Powered Cars


Cars Powered By Solar Energy

What is a Solar Powered Car?

You may be asking yourself, what is a solar powered car? By definition, a solar powered car is an electric car that is powered by the sun’s energy.  Being solar, it has to have photovoltaic (PV) cells on the surface of the car that collect solar energy that is then converted into electric power.  Due to our limited technology, cars are limited to a fairly short distance they can travel without the sun’s rays.  As a result, they aren’t a very efficient form of transportation for our daily travel.

Cars that are solar powered were developed initially by universities and a few manufacturers.  As fuel prices keep increasing, there is more and more incentive for looking at alternative sources for propelling vehicles.

How Solar Powered Cars Work

Due to the need of hundreds of photovoltaic cells that convert sun energy into electricity, solar powered cars are often designed with very unusual shapes.  Other factors also play into the odd shapes and design.  Reducing the wind drag factor, minimizing weight, and maximizing sun exposure all contribute to the car’s unusual shape, while trying to make them as safe as possible.

Unlike so many other devices that utilize solar energy, there are a variety of solar cell technologies that are used including mono-crystalline silicon, silicon, gallium arsenide, and poly-crystalline.

We hope we have answered some questions for you, inluding, what is a solar powered car?. You should have learned how solar powered cars work. If you are asking how to make a solar powered car, we would recommend you leave that to the professionals.